Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 10, 2020

Chopper Lives! And he really hates Victoria.

Okay, so the rest of Australia hates Victoria too… but none of us have channelled Chopper so perfectly.

Warning warning warning. There is a LOT of bad language in this monologue.


  1. Thought he would be talking about lockdown Greg.

    • He did kind of wander away from that point, didn’t he? Here’s something a little more on the topic, Kev.

  2. There’s always been something about Melbourne.

    • HA! Yes, that’s about the size of it, Paco.
      I’m feeling a strong case of deja vu watching the situation in Melbourne. Born and raised there. I came west thirty years ago as another Labor government was doing the state over. They did a pretty good job of it too, but Dan Andrews is going even beyond their benchmarks.

  3. Have seen this guy before Greg. He’s reasonable, affable and witty. Good to hear some sane comment.

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