Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 9, 2020

Israel Folau, Australia’s premier non-kneeler.

Here and there, we still find signs of independent character. Gina Carano, who kicked arse most impressively in Haywire a few years ago, dared to show support for the non-BLM side of the riots in the States. She even said unkind things about BLM and its supporters.

Locally, Rugby star Israel Folau made a stand by, you guessed it, standing.

Israel Folau has courted more controversy by refusing to join teammates and opponents in taking a knee to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement in Super League’s return on Sunday.

Overseas readers might ask ‘More controversy?’ Folau was the target of some spectacularly selective reading a couple of years ago. The MSM habitually refer to his ‘anti-gay’ tweet. Here it is, in full.

Personally, I qualify for membership in a few of those categories. However, the coverage of the tweet would have had you believe that Folau had listed homosexuals alone for that hot spot in eternity.

Folau weathered that storm, and I’m sure he’ll survive the no-kneel criticism as well. Whether our sporting bodies do the same is yet to be seen.


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