Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 25, 2020

Some bend over, and some stand firm.

Bending over:

Canadian firm Saputo have announced that they will be renaming Coon Cheese.

The C-word name here has no racist connotations – or didn’t, until opportunists activists such as Stephen Hagan came along. The cheese was invented by Edward Coon.

In return for their easy virtue signalling Saputo – they’re certainly a bunch of saps! – can expect, on past performances of this type, a hit to their sales figures. A double hit, technically. Former customers will buy other products, and the activists who scored a win won’t make up the difference. That’s assuming they actually buy the renamed cheese, which again, looking at the history of these situations, is unlikely.

Standing firm:

Red Bull doesn’t tolerate racism, but it also will not take orders from the social justice mob.

The Austrian owner of Red Bull dealt with demands to ‘increase diversity’ by diversifying the leading agitators out the door. No doubt the rest of the staff who were offended by the company’s silence on BLM will follow them. Sure they will…

Not just standing firm, but giving it to ’em sideways:

Nick Buckley, the founder of a charity that works to reduce anti social behaviour, was given the boot after failing to deliver a BLM mea culpa. Buckley went so far as to describe BLM as a threat, which upset his board of trustees no end. Begone! they cried.

Fuck you! Buckley replied. In fact, fuck you with lawyers! (I’m paraphrasing here.)


Every member of the craven board of trustees who voted to remove him has now been jettisoned, as part of a deal to avoid promised, costly litigation.

More of this, please!



  1. What’s the saying? If you hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.

    • Which puts Saputo well and truly in the doghouse. They’re Canadian based, it would appear they’re soldiers for little Justin…

  2. Fuck you with lawyers.
    I love it.

    • I look forward eagerly to using it again.

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