Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 1, 2020

Newspaper takes two knees.

Perth’s one remaining daily paper, The West Australian, was self-flagellating today.

The word that’s been blotted out is ‘Abo’ – short for ‘aboriginal’. The West Australian groveled like a London policeman for printing the strip, attempting to mitigate its crime by pointing out that the strip dates back to the 1980s. Oh, so ‘abo’ wasn’t offensive back then? I’m doubtful.

The word was spotted by a couple of members of the Church of Perpetual Outrage who shared the horrific panel you see above on Twitter. Which ironically exposed it to thousands of people who would otherwise have remained ignorant of its publication. Got to ask, is that what they had in mind? A quiet email to the editor might have been more appropriate.

The West has banished Modesty from the comics page until she learns to be a nice girl. And they’re sorry, sorry, honestly they’re so fucking sorry. When they get tired of whipping themselves, I wouldn’t mind taking a turn.

But if language that offends indigenous Australians is a hot issue, we don’t have to go back forty years. We don’t have to go back even twenty years.

From 2013:
A tirade of racist slurs were directed at Mr Mundine, who will run incoming Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s indigenous advisory council, after he tweeted how he voted.
He was referred to as a “white a … kisser,” “Uncle Tom,” an insulting term about black Americans and a “coconut.”
The campaigner for indigenous jobs said that many of the texts and tweets he received with the racist terms were from white ALP members and non-indigenous supporters of the party.

The same people who went to town over the Modesty Blaise cartoon? Surely not…


  1. You should hear what words the Chinese have for other races…and you still hear them daily on Hong Kong’s streets. lol.
    Why don’t those f….. n….. use their destructive and plundering energy to pull themselves out of their and slums. In Africa the colonists gave ’em a head start by leaving infrastructure, a functioning bureaucracy and tech behind – check out Jo’burg today. Whenever an African or Asian complain, I show the pics of European bombed-out cities after WWII.

    • It’s a funny thing about racism – it’s a vice that’s supposedly practiced only by whites.
      Someone once said to me, if you think Asians aren’t racist, go and spend some time in Asia.

      • We live ‘here’ since 1975. I can tell those whinos what discrimination actually IS.

        • ‘Whinos’
          I see what you did there!

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