Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 21, 2020

Climate education.

School mathematics teacher Greg Williams puts it this way:

My third question after that is this: if 400 ppm is too much and 180 ppm too little, how much CO2 is just right?  Again, no one has been able to answer this, as no one on the planet knows the answer.  I then try to present students (adults have usually stopped listening by that stage) with some perspective on 400 ppm. I ask them to think of a million molecules of atmosphere as a million one-dollar coins placed adjacent to each other in a square.  The square would be 25 metres by 25 metres, about the size of a school’s small gymnasium. The 400 ppm of CO2, if represented by those dollar coins, would make up a square 50 cm by 50 cm. What’s more, since humanity is responsible for only about three per cent of the CO2 in the atmosphere, the human contribution to those one million coins would be 12 coins.

The climate change scare has been resting during the coronavirus scare, but don’t assume it’s taken a permanent holiday. Take the opportunity to arm yourself with a few useful counter arguments for those friends and loved ones who still worship at the feet of Al Gore.

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