Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 8, 2020

The work of an idle moment and a restless mind.

Turns out the first wave was actually the second wave.


  1. Netflix have just put out a 4-part documentary on Epstein Greg. It is middling to good. Completely substantiating his sex trafficking and acquaintanceship with Trump/Clinton/Weinstein/Spacey/Prince Andrew but not digging deep enough into his financial resources. And a huge omission….the interface with Bill Gates. But a fair starting point.

    • I tracked the series down, Kevin, and a ‘fair starting point’ is a good description. There’s not much about his early life, and it’s reasonable to assume that he didn’t suddenly become a monster overnight.
      After the revelations about the child pornography he kept, though, I’m not sure I need or want too much more information.

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