Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 18, 2020

Will these idiots never leave us be?

East and west of the Pacific, we’ve got ’em.

West side first…

Two of our most unloved and unlovable former Prime Ministers refuse to sink into obscurity. Neither realises that they are terminally irrelevant, except as a bad example.

Kevin Rudd

briefly proposed himself as a replacement for Sydney radio legend Alan Jones, who retires from his breakfast show on 2GB at the end of the month.  One can only assume that 2GB management saw the downside of the proposal in a vision of stark reality. Listeners departing in tightly packed busloads, coronavirus be damned.

But knowing Kev, even if he’d won the job, he wouldn’t have been around for long. He’d just be keeping himself busy until the Pope retires.

And then there’s Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull, the man of the people…

Turnbull, who was rejected by the left-side Australian Labor Party and so joined the Liberals as his plan B. Turnbull, the man who schemed, connived, undermined, backstabbed and generally made himself obnoxious beyond words to take the Prime Ministership. Having claimed the prize from Tony Abbott in a party room coup, Turnbull had no idea what to do with it.

Turnbull, as noted in a previous post, has blessed the Australian people with a book that tells his side of the story. Part of which, according to Alan Jones (yes, the same one), was a claim by Turnbull that he had been turfed at PM as part of a plan that envisaged the Libs losing the election last year, but to be led to victory again in 2022 by Tony Abbott (yes, the same one).

Jeez, Mal. I think you’ve overdosed on the Frank Underwood pills.

No wonder one bookseller moved your tome out of Biography.





  1. Tony Blair is the same here. Oh that he would shuffle away and expire with a modicum of grace.

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