Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 25, 2020

Next on the coronavirus hit list: ANZAC Day.

Another great moment in the annals of petty idiotic bureaucracy.

From Sydney radio 2GB’s Alan Jones:

For the last 15 years an outfit called the Warbird Group have flown World War II planes across south east Queensland on Anzac Day. It provides wonderful history and hope.

Tomorrow – with the dawn services held from home… and the marches sadly cancelled… this sort of event is important. We need these planes in the sky now more than ever.

However – can you believe – the pilots have been banned from flying by the Queensland Health Department.

Because nobody is more vulnerable to the Wuhan pestilence than a lone pilot a few thousand feet in the sky. Yeah, right.

These points have to be made:

1. The four pilots are in separate planes

2. The four planes are taking off from separate hangers; and

3. The pilots plan to go immediately home straight after they land. There will be no gathering.

Yes – apparently those points DO have to be made. Makes you wonder if the bureaucrats responded with ‘Aha, but who’s out there on the tarmac winding up the rubber band on the propeller?’

Queensland Liberal MP David Crisafulli went in to bat for the pilots.

When a decision is taken that has absolutely no connection with reality, you’ve got to stand up and call it for what it is… This is punch-drunk bureaucrats who are power hungry and it needs to be called out.

His calling out, however, failed to change the bureaucrats’ minds.

Maybe next year the Warbirds could strafe a few government offices.

Final word again to Alan Jones, highlighting the double standards of the decision makers.

Incidentally- this is the same Health Department that allowed an Indigenous funeral of 80 people to be held a few weeks ago.


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