Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 8, 2020

The acquittal that should never have been necessary.

Cardinal George Pell was yesterday acquitted, after serving 405 days in jail, on charges of sexual molestation.

Pell, who was once considered a strong chance to be the first Australian Pope, got on the wrong side of the wrong people. And some of them were in his own workplace.

Rod Dreher at American Conservative:

In 2014, Pell was given by Pope Francis responsibility for cleaning up the infamously corrupt Vatican Bank. When that news broke, I thought, “They’ll find some way to take him out. They won’t let him do it.” When the child abuse charges were brought against Pell in 2017, I thought, “So that’s how they did it.”

Dreher doesn’t draw a direct connection between Pell’s work on the Vatican Bank and the charges of sexual abuse. But he notes that Pell had discovered secret bank accounts and set out guidelines to ensure proper financial transparency by 2016. Suddenly, a planned external audit of Vatican finances was suspended. A year later, Pell was charged in Melbourne by Victoria Police.

Melbourne cops had had the Cardinal in their sights well before that.

Ed Condon:

In 2013, Victoria Police opened Operation Tethering, an open-ended investigation into possible crimes by Cardinal Pell, although no victims had come forward against him and there had been no criminal complaints made against him at the time. Although they had found no victims or criminal accusations, in 2015 the program was expanded and put on a more formal footing.

Show me the cardinal and I will show you the crime. Eventually. Even if I have to work it up a little.

Pell was eventually charged and convicted on the evidence of one accuser. This man claimed that the Cardinal had sexually abused both himself and another altar boy. The circumstances of the alleged crime, the time and the place, made it impossible.

The first jury was unable to reach a verdict. A second jury delivered a conviction.

Pell’s lawyers appealed to the Victorian Supreme Court, who ruled 2-1 in favour of upholding the conviction last year.

The appeal then went to the Australian High Court, who found 7-0 in Pell’s favour.

Cardinal George Pell is today a free man. No thanks at all a large contingent within the Australian mainstream media. Funny, they’ve been giving Pell all kinds of hell for years while giving one of their own, Paul Bongiorno, a very soft ride indeed. Prior to his career in journalism, Bongiorno was a Catholic priest and resided with convicted pedophile priest Gerard Ridsdale.Bongiorno claimed to know nothing of what Ridsdale was doing to minors, but skipped free while the media posse kept after Pell.

The case has divided Australians for and against, and unfortunately for the cardinal it probably isn’t over yet. Perhaps a joke is an inappropriate finish for this story. Be that as it may…

BREAKING NEWS – Victorian Police have just arrested Cardinal George Pell on a charge of transporting dangerous goods.
At the time of his arrest, Cardinal Pell was walking along the street carrying half a kilo of bacon within twenty kilometres of a mosque.
We’ll be updating this ridiculous fiction with even more stupid developments as soon as we can invent them.

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