Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 31, 2020

Revelation, home delivered, part two.

This time featuring selections by Revelation‘s founder, director, navigator and chief celluloid cement dispenser, Richard Sowada.

Richard knows movies the way that Hugh Hefner knew unclad women. Perhaps even better than that. Graciously, he responded to my request for quarantine-time selections from REVonDEMAND, the cinema smorgasbord that comes to you.

It says something about the diversity of Rev’s programming that Richard’s list and mine overlap but twice. We both recommend Dave Made A Maze and The Impostor, which you’ll find in part one. From that point we veer in noticeably different directions.

Assisted Living was shot in a real nursing home, and featured the home’s residents as cast members.

Todd is a nurse at a home for the aged, but Todd is also not of the mould. Getting to work with three cones under his belt, usually late, slacking off at any opportunity and with generally a bad attitude he’s not a model employee. Todd however has something special going on with the home’s occupants… I bet he does. A bit of med-swapping, maybe? Toss your drugs into the hat, it’s time for the lucky dip!

Charlie Victor Romeo – if your significant other is getting restless, feeling cooped up, and muttering in their sleep about international jaunts, this is the movie that will settle them down. The cast recreate the final moments in several plane accidents, giving the audience an insight into the cockpit they may prefer to have lived without.

Time Lapse – I think I just found something to watch on the Easter weekend instead of From Dusk To Dawn. I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

The General – Buster Keaton. If you just said ‘Who?’ rent the movie and get yourself some cinema history.

Get into the front line with firefighters..

Okay, Richard, what’s going on here? Another selection about the dangers of flight? Do you own shares in Greyhound or something?

Waco : The Rules Of Engagement examines the seven-week standoff between cult leader David Koresh and the FBI and ATF, which ended in an assault on the cult headquarters. Presented by Rev in its early years, The Rules Of Engagement demonstrated the commitment to strong documentaries that has become one of the festival’s hallmarks.

Finishing with some unlikely cultural appropriatiion: Mongolian Bling. From the Rev website:

Hip hop has become one of the most distinctive and universally recognised forms of music and this documentary explores the genre’s impact in Mongolia and, more importantly the impact of Mongolia on hip hop.

That’s all folks! I hope there’s a movie or two here that help you get through your days of domicile detention . By the way – no responsibility accepted if your boss busts your arse for low productivity.

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