Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 31, 2020

Revelation, home delivered, part one.

Settle down, folks. We’re not into the end times yet. But while you’re waiting patiently indoors for the all-clear signal, have a look through the visual goodies at REVonDEMAND for informative entertainment. And/or totally weird shit.

Speaking of totally weird shit: sample the surreal delights of Atmo Horrox.

AH is the perfect film to share with several beers and a large pizza. WTF cinema at its finest, it delivers everything except an explanation.

Dave Made A Maze – in retrospect, these folks were well ahead of the curve. Just keep the interactive elements under control if you try this at home, okay?

Mars, another light-hearted family feature, will take you to the Red Planet. Or its cartoon equivalent anyhow.

Are you ready for something darker now? Something that oozes through the mind and infests your every thought with horror and revulsion?

The Call Of Cthulhu is very well done for a low budget fan film.

And then… with The Impostor, take a step into the real darkness. From my original review in 2012:

…a labyrinth of loss and deception, a true story wherein the final truth about Nicholas Barclay is never uncovered. Nicholas disappeared from his Texas home in 1994. In 1997 his family received a phone call: Nicholas had been found, in Spain.

The found ‘Nicholas’ was a French conman. I’ll say no more – watch the film.

Wadd tells the story of the (Lili Von Shtupp voice) gifted porn star John Holmes.

Not one to share with the kids. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned.

In these times of domestic confinement, some of us are going to learn more about our neighbours than we ever wanted to know. So, closing part one, my final selection:

It’s San Francisco 1987 and Eddie and Mitch, straight out of university, move to the city. Living in an apartment with paper thin walls the two friends are shocked to hear their neighbours endlessly arguing.

But these are no ordinary arguments; Peter Haskett is a flamboyant gay man while his room-mate is homophobe Raymond Huffman, and their verbal battles and insane tirades beggar belief. Eddie and Mitch start to record each and every fight on cassette, sharing the tapes between friends, who circulate them to their friends. Now, a few comic books, CDS and a stage play later, Peter and Ray are an underground legend.

Available here.

Part two: Revelation Supremo Richard Sowada’s quarantine picks. Coming soon.

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