Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 29, 2020

New names for new afflictions.

I spotted a new title for Greta Thunberg the other day:

The pigtailed Swedish doom goblin.

Doesn’t that just hit the bullseye? Greta was in a ‘How DARE you forget me!’ mood and claimed that she had coronavirus.

Uh-huh… colour me skeptical. Kathy ‘Trump beheaded’ Griffin made the same announcement to the world, throwing in heaps of condemnation for POTUS. A case of Bad Orange Woman howling Orange Man Bad.

The perils of self-diagnosis! Kathy didn’t have the virus de jour – she had an abdominal infection. Attention seeker defused.

Meanwhile, here in The Great South Land, the Welcome Wagon has been repurposed as the Bugger Off Bus.

Vigilantes in some Australian outback towns have reportedly slashed tyres of those fleeing coronavirus hotspots in the big cities, according to a government minister who urged calm on Friday…

As the borders are being shut, we are seeing a surge of grey nomads from southern states, and also from southeast Queensland, go to southwest Queensland to hide from the coronavirus… Unfortunately this action could turn caravans into the cruise ships of the outback if someone is infected and spreads it in small communities.

Somewhat self-defeating, to be sure. Maybe a big sign at the edge of town would be more effective.

Really, though, what is so hard to understand in STAY THE FUCK AT HOME?

For those selfish thoughtless types who aren’t pigtailed Swedish doom goblins, a new title has emerged:



  1. “Pigtailed Swedish doom goblin” is good. “Scoldilocks” works too. 🙂

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