Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 16, 2020

Standing waist deep in no rain until April.

Moree, New South Wales, about a week before last Christmas:

There will be no relief for drought-ravaged regions over the summer, with Bureau of Meteorology officials telling a meeting of state and federal ministers there would be no significant rain until at least April.

I won’t bother with a link because the bulk of the story is paywalled. At any rate, our predictive weather geniuses have beclowned themselves once again. From two days ago:

After months of battling wildfires that scorched thousands of homes and created mass evacuations in eastern Australia, officials announced Thursday that all the blazes in the New South Wales state are considered contained after recent rains…

‘Contained’ is putting it mildly. We’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

And this is not unusual at this time of year. It’s cyclone season in the north of the continent. Perth has been known to cop a small bucketing or two as a low pressure system breaks up.

Locking up huge areas of land and doing nothing in the way of fuel management for a decade or two has had the inevitable consequences. I’m reminded of the policy for deinstitutionalising the mentally ill, which became very fashionable in Australia during the late 1970s. Then as now, lazy governments followed bad policy to save big bucks. In neither case can we say it was a wise investment.



  1. Like a weather boomerang. Torrential rain in the UK, also, but rather that than drought.

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