Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 5, 2020

Ten years of charting the unexplored country – the readers’ choice.

The ten most popular posts. You’ll be surprised.

10: Other people’s pictures, June 2012. Nice to know that your share my taste in absurd humour. Because there’s nothing more absurd than that last picture.

9: Milne Bay anniversary, August 2012. Thank you for your interest in Australian war victories that most Australians know next to nothing about.

8: The one and only appearance of Miss Gina Elise in the top ten. No higher than 8? How is this possible? On the upside, it is one hell of a delightful appearance.

7: If Gina is the fresh cheesecake, this post provides a few mature examples. Including a famous tv mom, and Lieutenant Ellis bereft of her tinfoil miniskirt.

6: Why this got such a high position…

5: The Martha Cove Affair. Not another Man From UNCLE spoof. The story of a forgotten corner of Port Philip Bay in Victoria. Developers took some ordinary real estate and damn near turned it into a neighbourhood as overpriced as it was ugly. In subsequent visits I softened my opinion slightly.

4: Find a gif. Give it a silly name. Collect views.

3: A tribute to the weather girl of my childhood, Rosemary Margan. If you lived in Melbourne during the 1960s, you knew and loved Rosemary.

2: A piece I wrote for Australia Day. Before the haters got het up about changing the date, they were het up about changing the flag. Haters can always find something to be het up about.

1: The top of the pile.

I’ve developed a profound ambivalence for this post. It’s racked up 8.312 views. To put that in proportion, number 2 post has collected 2,932 views. Nothing below that has even touched 2,000.

Sometimes it appears so regularly that I open the blog in hope of NOT seeing it in the daily listings. It has turned up every day without interruption for weeks at a time. Looking at the search terms I know its popularity is due entirely to one television character. Last year alone, five years after his program’s final season, this post pulled more than a thousand views.

Not bad for a man who only had half a face.




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