Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 4, 2020

Ten years of charting the unexplored country – year ten.

Apologies for the late post. I was up early today to take the traditional birthday walk, in which I justify multiple consumptions of great coffee and delicious food by walking a considerable distance between stops.

Today’s route took me via Yokine to Mount Hawthorn and around Lake Monger to Subiaco, through Kings Park to the city busport and home. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, and it probably doesn’t, think fifteen miles. My feet will be telling me what a bad idea it was for at least a week.

And so to business. In the spirit of Peter Badcoe and the Diggers at Milne Bay, heroic civilians in Sydney tackled a man with a knife and no religious affiliations whatever.

Ha. You knew right away that last part was a joke. So was the response from the authorities. And they were righteously smitten with the mockery of the people.

Wherever you are in the world, there’s just no getting away from US politics. I know now how non-Romans felt a couple of millennia ago. Except they didn’t have blue togas back then.

President Donald John Trump continued to impress. So did the American media, though the impression they left was anything but positive.

Parents used to take their kids aside and give them that talk about the facts of life. They’re still giving their kids that talk. But the facts ain’t what they used to be.

My thoughts about Twitter and its less than beneficial effects on the entertainment industry.  With that in place, I’ll conclude with a few positive points from the year just gone.

Australians demonstrate the spirit of Australia Day by helping other Australians. That’s a nice change!

Going back to Hollywood just for a moment, actress Carly Schroeder ditched the script for a uniform. That’s one way to keep clear of Harvey Weinstein.

One of my constant interests here at TMI has been the Revelation Film Festival. And one of my top ten Rev movies is Dave Made A Maze. Last January it was added to REVonDemand’s catalogue. Link on the post!

Gina got the Mike Rowe treatment. And no, I don’t mean he gave her a dirty job.

And there it is. A decade’s worth of blogging, summarised in a lottery of selections.

Plus, a meme. To help you through the tough times.





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