Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 3, 2020

Ten years of charting the unexplored country – year nine.

Peter Badcoe – he looked like a penpusher, but he fought like a hero.

Badcoe wouldn’t have a place in today’s Australian defence forces, where thank you notes look like something nicked from a kindergarten’s stationery cupboard.

Just quietly, this retrospective exercise has been tougher than it looks. I made my first international trip in 2013 to Los Angeles, and somehow forgot about it. Luckily I posted this five-years-later review of the event. And yes, there are pictures of Gina.

One picture of Gina, anyhow. Look for the G6inLA link at the bottom of the page for more. And here’s Gina at the annual Pin Ups For Vets Salute and Boogie. Got to get along to that one day.

Using my preferred weapon of choice – brutal sarcasm – I laid waste to the campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. If only the rest of the world had noticed.

In July of 2018 Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern toured Australia. I got along to their Perth event and it was an evening to remember – in part because of the feeble-looking protest outside.

Australia Day has become a target for the leftwit locals. The rest of us aren’t going to budge.

Speaking of wits – the damaged or inadequate type, specifically – Perth has quite a few. Do we breed them, or are they attracted by the weather?

Remembrance Day 2018 – the King’s Park War Memorial became a field of knitted poppies.

For Christmas, another Jesus V Santa clash. And my youtube comment acknowledged.





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