Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 2, 2020

Ten years of charting the unexplored country – year eight.

Australia has not been served well by recent Prime Ministers. This post is kind of a one-bullet-three-hits event.

A thank-you letter from the front. And, since the video link on that post has expired, here are a few more recent messages from the troops.

We’re thinking of you too, Diggers.

If you thought my Oscars meme was harsh, wait till you read this!

I gave those bastards at Google a serve too!

Three stories about life on the other west coast: Perth’s own Elise, no relation to Gina; a few spectacular views of our night sky; and another of those real-life miscarriages of justice of which Perth has quite a record.

(Search on ‘the Nedlands Monster’ or ‘Eric Edgar Cooke’ to find out just how badly Perth cops can get it wrong.)

I kind of balanced my swipe at Hollywood with my own uber-woke film proposal.

Whoops. I just said ‘woke’.

To finish on a serious note: the first Japanese bombing of Darwin. After February 19 1942, war was no longer something Australians only fought abroad.


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