Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 1, 2020

Ten years of charting the unexplored country – year seven.

Let’s get to the bottom of things.

Of my many memes, this is one of my favourites. Maybe not so popular among comfortable lefties afflicted by first world capitalist guilt.

In this year, as in previous years, the recurring topics were Gina Elise, religion, movies – or, in this case, religion and movies – and the lesser known stories of Australia’s military history.

Gina stepped away from the camera to pen a few thoughts about her calendar project. Long ago, back in the early days, I joked that I looked forward to living in the Empire of Gina. Well, it’s not just a pleasant daydream any more.

What would happen if killers shouted Latin while they rampaged?

Just to be clear, I didn’t take Paypal up on either offer.

2016 was the year that Americans decided one President Clinton was enough for the time being. The campaign gave my meme mojo plenty to work with.

A year late, but I marked the anniversary of the death of Peter Walsh. Walsh was a rarity in left-wing politics: he actually sought to preserve the tax dollars the government took from the workers.




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