Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 30, 2019

Ten years charting the unexplored country – year five.

I took a camera with me on my last trip back to Melbourne, and gave it some serious work photographing buildings and cemetery sculpture.

I really hope it happens at this year’s Oscars.

In the first of my From Page To Screen series, I revealed to the world my admiration for Boris Vian – and my approval of the film version of Froth On The Daydream.

If there hasn’t been enough Gina Elise in the last couple of posts – here’s a remedy for you. Which leads in highly inappropriate manner to this fine example of truth from the marketing department.

Jack Brabham died in 2014. Jack who? Jack Brabham, Australia’s first motorsports champion. Raced and won in a car of his own design.

Giger passed away too. That’s too much innovative design talent to lose in one year.

This may be Mother Nature’s idea of innovative design. But it’s kind of nightmarish.

Here’s a story that, like Milne Bay, isn’t as well known as it should be. During the war years in the 1940s, Australians flew Catalinas from Perth to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) at enormous personal risk, keeping the connection open to England for mail and occasionally people.

How great was the risk? The Cats flew without any defences – no guns.

Read and be amazed at the story of the Double Sunrise flights.







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