Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 29, 2019

Ten years charting the unexplored country – year four.

By European standards, Australia is still a young country. Not too young, though, that we haven’t accumulated a few local ghost stories.

And this one ranks among the best anywhere. An opera singer playing Mephistopholes dies on opening night, and takes up residence in the theatre.

Need some wake up music? Here, try this. Also good for revenge on the neighbours whose party spilled into your front yard at 3am.

If you require a more soothing tune, I can help you there too. Rest in peace, Scott. I can’t say I liked your recent music, but I admire you for striking out and not taking the ‘Golden Oldies Tour’ path.

Also big in the Sixties – The Man From UNCLE. I did a couple of animated gifs featuring Napoleon Solo, but this one features mostly on the blonde Russian who worked beside him. I hope you get a chuckle from Illya Kuryakin Wants To Kiss The Girl.

In the previous year’s round up I presented the story of the Australian victory at Milne Bay in New Guinea. Twenty years later, Diggers came under attack from the North Vietnamese at Long Tan. Again, it wasn’t the Diggers who came off second best.

Django got Unchained on the big screen – and became notorious for the use of that word. It’s true what Mel Brooks says, they couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today.

Perverts in the Vatican. Let me guess, Cardinal – you were watching Transsexual P***y Hunters for research purposes, right?

Next year, sometime in mid -October, I will mark thirty years since I rolled into Perth. Here’s a look at the city that became my home – the beauty of the Swan River, the family life, and the fearless, penetrating work of our local police.


Bonus link!

A post came up in the views yesterday that I didn’t recognise. I had a look, and realised it had a dead link to an image. I remembered the image from the title of the link, and as a public service inserted it into the post.

Only if you’re brave.



  1. I loved the Man from UNCLE as a kid. Napoleon Solo was my male template for awhile. Ilya was too fluffy……And really enjoyed your pictures of Perth.

    • Thanks. Perth, I’ve discovered, is not the most isolated city on the globe – that title goes to Honolulu apparently. But Perth is still remote in its own way – it’s not on the way to anywhere else. Except if you’re flying between our east coast and Africa.

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