Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 27, 2019

Ten years charting the unexplored country – year two.

We’re still in the Christmas period, so here’s something more or less seasonal: the story of the altar boy who set me on the path to agnosticism.

There are two questions that Australians regularly face from Americans. One is about our gun laws. I haven’t got around to answering that one yet. But I do answer the other here as I explain why The Great South Land has not yet become a republic.

2011 was the year of Antifa’s big brother Occupy. The local branch failed to occupy either the front pages or the public consciousness.

Here are two motivators. One features Gina Elise and the other one doesn’t. Tell me in the comments which one you prefer!

Oh, and remember when the world ended in 2011? Me neither.

I have documented my experiences in the retail environment several times. For me, retailing is the toughest job around. In an enclosed workplace, sure, there are idiots. But you can at least pretend to yourself that somewhere out there a better workplace exists – a workplace where everyone pulls their weight, where vital information is shared and not hoarded, and where idiots are an unknown species. In retailing, that illusion is impossible to entertain. No wonder my mind was often driven to utterly unrelated affairs.

It’s not often that one of my blog posts provides a clue to an art mystery. So far, just this once – in the comments.

December 8 2011 marked the anniversary of Pearl Harbor – and also the launch of Japan’s Western Pacific campaign. A more successful enterprise than the attack on the US, in that it culminated in the collapse of Singapore just two months later. While Japan ultimately lost the war, its initial victories brought to an end all notions of the Asian races as weak and inferior.

Finally, a few words in praise of Mark Latham. Latham has been a wild card in Australian politics, rising to federal leader of the Australian Labor Party, losing an election to John Howard, quitting politics only to return, and currently representing Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in the New South Wales parliament. Latham’s stand on illegal immigration has been more consistent than his record might suggest. His letter on the subject is linked right at the end of this post, but the post itself will provide some familiar background whether you’re Australian or not.



  1. Gina O Gina!!

    • It was a pretty easy choice, wasn’t it?

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