Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 23, 2019

100% legit. It’s a real masterpiece.

Ladies and gentlemen…

The Moanagreta.


  1. That’s excellent. Lol material.

    • Can’t claim it for my own, but the ‘owner’ is happy to see it shared far and wide. Go for it!

  2. Very nice. But I hope she doesn’t end up in the Louvre. LOL

    • What’s French for ‘How Dare You’?

      • Seriously, it would be best to ignore her, before she acquires cult status. It’s the people who give her the stage and attention who need to be ridiculed.

        • Well, yes, I see the wisdom of that approach. But if you don’t push back a little with these people, they have a tendency to interpret silence as support.

  3. That’s hilarious!

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