Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 22, 2019

The Hottest, Deadliest, Destroyingest, Evillest – nope, none of these.

It’s summer in Australia. That means bushfires.

And it has meant bushfires for a very long time. Media hyperbole doesn’t alter that one whit.

Whatever you’re hearing about this Australian summer, my overseas friends, there’s a very good chance it’s all BS.

Tony Heller straightens out a few of the crooked lines.

As Alan Jones points out:

Two factors above all else come into play here.

In NSW, when Bob Carr was the minister, and later premier, he ratified moves to have fire trails abandoned.

Carr’s moves prevented access to those fire trails by the Rural Fire Service, under the pretext he was keeping four 4WDs and campers out.

The government (and how many problems that we face today are created by government?) put locked gates on these national parks and planted big rocks at the entry to the fire trails.

Understandably, the fire trails are now overgrown with regrowth forest, impenetrable to everybody except native and feral animals.

Much of the territory being incinerated in 2019 has been fenced off for a decade or more. No entry – and certainly no fuel reduction burns.

Thanks for leading the way on idiotic land management, Bob Carr. One hell of a return on your investment.

And thanks also to The Guardian for proving you will never fucking ever satisfy some people.

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison – one fought the fires, the other didn’t. They were both wrong!




  1. The smears against Tony Heller and the so called climate experts unwilligness to debate him, displays everything we need to know!! Tony destroys every lie they spread in less that 5 minutes, by providing facts and statistics. Although anyone that believe anything other than the huge ball of fire in the sky control the climate in anything other than a miniscule way is not worthy conversing with, as they are quite obviously lacking basic, critical thinking skills.

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