Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 14, 2019

The mystery of Sergeant Julie will remain forever unsolved.

I was at my desk today when my phone rang. Outside call ringing direct. That doesn’t happen very often.


The man at the other end said “Er, hello. I was hoping to speak to Julie.”

We do have a Julie in the office, but this call seemed a little off. He’d have to do better.

“Sir. Can you be more specific, please?”

The response was distinctly hesitant.

“Er… Sergeant Julie?”

Sergeant Julie? Maybe it’s just me, but I imagined Sergeant Julie might look rather like this.

“We don’t have a Sergeant Julie here,” I said.

“Sorrywrongnumber.” Click.

Draw your own conclusions. I certainly did.

(Photo credit: Madam X. Supreme Domina of Toronto for 25 years.)


  1. I want Sargent Julie to work with me 👍😊😂

    • I think she works ON her clients more than with them.

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