Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 20, 2019

When the best part of the show is the song over the closing credits.

I mentioned Wormwood in my review of Framing John Delorean just a few posts ago (look for Revelation ’19, 2 of 3). Wormwood is a fine example of how a good story can get so wrapped in padding and fancy visuals that the audience loses interest. I stuck it out through the first two episodes of the miniseries and then said to hell with it. I went to the internet for the basics of the story and skipped through to the sixth and closing episode.

Anticlimax city. ‘Yes, I know who was responsible but I’m not telling you.’

I was intensely grateful that I’d kept those three intervening hours of my life. And it was then that I discovered that the best part of Wormwood was the song over the closing credits.

One of these days I’ll have to write a long ranty post about pop music and how hollow it seems today. The music of the Sixties had it all!

But then, we knew that already.



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