Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 19, 2019

Revelation ’19 3 of 3: All The Gods In The Sky.

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival (for convenience sake, Rev) has been presenting this city with quality non-mainstream cinema for more than twenty years. Rev has a reputation – well deserved – for putting the offbeat, the unsettling, and the plain old WTF on the big screen.

All The Gods In The Sky may well drain your WTF supply to zero. Quoting from Rev’s program:

We love the opportunity of being able to bring such unique

ideas and approaches to local audiences and can’t wait to see

what you think with this finely tuned work.

On the unique ideas and approaches I won’t argue. Finely tuned? Hmmm. I thought the opposite. I liked All The Gods in part because it threw a heap of weirdness into the pot and cooked up a coherent whole.

Simon and Estelle are adult siblings living none too comfortably on their parents’ farm. Estelle is apparently catatonic and largely oblivious to the world around her. Simon tends to her with intense devotion, but he has problems of his own. Self-mutilating in the lunch room at work doesn’t win you invites to after-hours drinks with the boys. Simon is also convinced that aliens are coming to rescue he and Estelle from their misery.

I forgot to mention the nuns. Yes, there’s nuns too.

The edge-of-madness atmosphere is reinforced by the casting of Melanie Gaydos as Estelle, though it’s quickly established that Estelle’s looks are the result of a domestic accident and not intergalactic mating experiments.

The movie runs nearly two hours but I was never in the boredom zone. There was just one crazy happening after another. Simon has some damn strange ideas about birthday presents for Estelle…

And that’s my Rev for another year. A reminder that many of Rev’s past presentations are available for online rent or purchase through REVonDEMAND. If you’re a filmmaker, you’ll find contact details on the website too.

Get your Rev on!


  1. Looks like my kind of film Greg. And thanks for the RevOnDemand window. I’ll be viewing some of the freebies.

    • The rent/buy is not overpriced either. You can rent Atmo Horrox – a personal favourite – for a week, just $5AUD. Also recommended: Shut Up Little Man!

  2. I was hoping you’d recommend something. Apreciate it.

    • Oh, well, if it’s recommendations you’re after…
      The Imposter
      When You’re Strange
      Charlie Victor Romeo
      Dave Made A Maze – this is good to share with all the family. Only a couple of f-bombs in the dialogue.

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