Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 18, 2019

Revelation ’19 2 of 3: Framing John DeLorean.

Once upon a time there was a man who knew a lot about cars. His ideas and designs were the talk of the industry, and his employers rewarded him well. But as time went on the man’s ideas about cars changed, while those of his employers did not. One day the man decided to set up a brand new workshop where he could build cars entirely of his own design. He would leave his employers behind him and become his own master. And that, boys and girls, is where this fairytale turns all to shit.

Once upon a time (to continue with the established theme) documentaries were the driest of cinema’s offerings. Static camera; deadpan narrating, with the narrator remaining at all times unseen; facts and facts alone, with the absolute minimum of emotion. Then documentaries became arty. Nowadays the typical documentary is a personal odyssey for the film maker, with all sorts of visual effects laid on to impress the audience.

Who may or may not oblige by being impressed. Gregory’s First Axiom of Cinema states that An hour and half’s worth of story told in an hour and a half is entertainment, whereas an hour and a half’s worth of story told in two hours is boredom. Errol Morris serves as an example for both halves of my axiom: Tabloid for the first half, Wormwood for the second.

Framing John DeLorean weaves a complex tapestry of historical footage and interviews with re-enactments of crucial moments in DeLorean’s life and career. And then it takes a step further back to look behind the scenes of the re-enactments. Early on we meet Alec Baldwin in the make up chair being transformed into the older DeLorean – the DeLorean of myth and legend with his impressive silver mane. Baldwin appears as Baldwin almost as often as he appears as DeLorean. (I may be exaggerating there, but not much.)

At 109 minutes Framing John DeLorean comes a little too close to fulfilling  the second half of my axiom. It did feel drawn out in the third act. Against that, it does deliver a full serve of story on its subject. If your knowledge of John DeLorean begins and ends with Back To The Future, this is recommended viewing. DeLorean’s story, as they say, is something you couldn’t make up.


  1. Another must-see. Cheers Greg

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