Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 13, 2019

Revelation ’19 1 of 3: The Wind.

The Wind unfolds on the vast open spaces of the American prairie during the 1800s. Lizzy and Isaac, alone and childless, are joined by Gideon and Emma. The newcomers move into the only house for miles around – a house already abandoned by failed pioneers. There is mutual curiosity, and mutual distrust. There are hints of infidelity, and its consequences. And guilt.

There’s nothing out there! That’s exactly the problem. Lizzy can’t bear that nothing. She fills it with monsters from the Id.

The Wind parallels The Witch, with indifferent Nature in both spawning psychological terrors. Call me parochial, but I can’t help making local comparisons; the stories about Australia’s early settlers describe an environment that provided all the terror required, as it was overtly hostile. In his short story The Drover’s Wife Henry Lawson depicted the hardships of isolation without demons and ghosts. The drover’s wife had little time for the monsters of her Id. The harsh facts of living were terror enough.

The drover’s wife would have felt compassion for Lizzy – but her words would have been blunt. Devils? Who cares about devils, you silly woman? I’ve got a blarsted snake in my house!

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