Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 28, 2019

Third Time Hillary.

Richard K Davis at American Thinker sees a familiar shadow on the horizon.

She says she isn’t running in 2020, but, as we know too well, truth is a fungible commodity to a Clinton.

…No sane person wants her in the race, which doesn’t stop her from getting the party’s full support, of course.

Should the party throw in its lot with Madame Felonia von Pantsuit, they’ll find the road to the Oval Office blocked by a certain artwork found in a Manhattan townhouse.

Jeffrey ‘Honest, it was all DIY’ Epstein’s portrait of Blue Dress Bill would make Hillary think twice if she was sensible. It’s going to turn up again and again. People will start shouting ‘Blue Dress! Blue Dress!’ every time America’s Only President Clinton (long may it be so) appears on the campaign. Statues across the US might be robed in blue under cover of darkness.

Hell, you might even see Blue Dress Bill Lookalike competitions outside Hillary’s venues.

Am I laying out a plan of attack here?

You may very well think so. I couldn’t possibly comment.



  1. Surely she is finished…..Clinton Foundation accounting practices alone will bury her, let alone the trail of murders

    • You would think so. And yet…

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