Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 25, 2019

Today’s sermon has been brought to you by another math-deficient Hollyweird.

Mark Ruffalo says YES! to the 16 billion USD New Green Deal proposed by Bernie Sanders.

Billion? Sorry… make that 16 TRILLION.

Well, hell, why not? The USA is already 22T in debt. What’s another 16T on top of that?

Bernie’s plan is long winded and full of dubious promises. Wanna buy a Climate Justice Resiliency Fund? Or would you just like to know what the living fuck that is? Either way, it’s priced at a very reasonable 40 bil. (If you want to bathe in the whole glorious vision of the ecologically-sound future under President BS, start at

Bernie claims that his plan will pay for itself in just fifteen years. Sorry, but I find it hard to accept fiscal foresight from a man who was thrown off a commune for not doing his share, and didn’t get a paying job until he was forty.

I’m on the side of the commenter at the article who said that Bernie’s first act as POTUS (God, wherever She is, forbid this come to pass) should be to confiscate the entire wealth of Hollywood and make them live on just a few grand a month. Mark Ruffalo might be turning green for a very different reason after that.




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