Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 15, 2019

Sydney knife attack: the authorities respond.

Or not – Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been strangely quiet so far. Honestly, I was expecting that she would have declared a ban on chairs and milk crates within minutes of the knife swinger being captured.

These items are tools of violence and oppression and should not be freely available. If you live within the boundaries of the City of Sydney and you possess either a chair or a milk crate, you will surrender them under my new Safer Sydney Strategy.

Okay, that’s just satire. But Clover insists that the Lindt cafe siege of 2014 wasn’t a terrorist event, so I’m not exactly stretching the boundaries here.

Perhaps she decided to leave the police to make the absurd public announcements. They’re still insisting that there is no terror-related aspect to the madman’s spree. Apparently he was shouting Babaloo’s Snackbar! Oh, well, that’s all right then. Instead of assaulting him with common everyday items, those gentlemen should have given him directions. Or even called him an Uber.

Overall though, the official response seems rather muted this time. Maybe, just maybe, the folks at the top realise the potential to look extremely foolish.

Their relative silence may owe something to the swift actions of assorted online comedians.


  1. The acceptance of what is a trojan horse in each and every country within the so called free world is the most alaraming aspect, I have a belief that it will be the people themselves that sort this problem, which will inevitably keep escalating, whilst the authorities vilify them for fighting back. Although, we already see this, it will gorw and grow, the more the people wake up.

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