Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 8, 2019

Double Exposure.

On the international level…

In the proud tradition of The Weather Underground, Earth First!, the Greens, and the Occupy movement – the latest of these hellspawn is Extinction Rebellion.

But just like their Weather granddaddies, who blew themselves up, Team XR don’t follow the basic rules of self-preservation.

From what has been discovered so far, it seems [XR] ran their entire worldwide organization online, but apparently left all the document security settings “public”, so anyone can read them. The XR group seems completely oblivious to the fact that hundreds of their most secret internal documents are readable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Weatherfolk did it to themselves with a bomb. XR is doing it with total ignorance of computer security. Speaking of which, I discovered an unconventional security measure in my employer’s digital filing system. 99% of the documents saved on the server have names that provide no information whatsoever about their contents. Good luck finding what you need in a hurry! But I digress.

On the local level…

Q and A is a television program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Imagine… oh, I don’t know – imagine The Young Turks with a bigger cast and a smaller wardrobe budget, and you’d be getting close. Then add an audience that is – as you’d expect from a national broadcaster with a charter to observe – chosen with the utmost respect for impartiality and balance. And no attempts to con the viewers.

“Last night’s QandA was opened by Ricci Bartels – she said she was forced onto Newstart at the age of 62 following retrenchment at her former workplace, and more than three years later remains unable to find a job…

62 and pushed on to the dole. Damn, that’s tough. Good on you, Ricci, for making that damn rightwing politician squirm!

What? There’s more?

Oh, dear…

Neither Ms Bartels nor panellist Cassandra Goldie (ACOSS CEO) told us that until recently, Ms Bartels was a director of ACOSS, that she features in ACOSS press release material for its campaign to raise NewStart – and perhaps most importantly, that since early 2018 Ms Bartels has been an Age Pension recipient.


Deception is not the exclusive domain of any race creed or philosophy. But it does seem to be practiced much more frequently by one side of politics these days.

We should be grateful, though, that for all their practising they remain fairly incompetent.


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