Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 9, 2019

Terror of Mechagodzilla: what’s with that doctor’s name?

Dr Akira Ichinose – pronounced ‘Itchy Nosey’.

A genuine name, and standard pronunciation? Or a sly joke from the producer?

T of M featured aliens who wear their silly hats indoors and a new dinosaur that starts hurricanes with its tail. (No Blazing Saddles reference should be inferred.) Still, that daft name kept me distracted. Also, the aliens had quit smoking cigars and changing into hairy faced simians when they died.

Speaking of death, they saved a young woman from something or other, probably electrical, by turning her into a cyborg. There’s a brief glimpse of her internals – a circuit board flashing and buzzing behind her lungs – which owes something to the Bionic Woman. Except the Bionic Woman never turned against humanity. Or flashed her eyes like traffic lights.

Terror of Mechagodzilla is no mere rerun of its predecessor. It features less space titanium, a submarine which comes to a bad end, and the actor who greatly impressed me as The Shepherd Wong in What’s Up Tiger Lily?

Godzilla got less screen time too. Or maybe that fucking Itchy Nosey joke kept me too preoccupied to notice.


  1. It’s not great when somebody’s name is perhaps the most memorable and noteworthy aspect of a film…

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