Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 22, 2019

Every soothsayer’s nightmare.

Predictions are a double edged sword. It’s best to put your vision of the future a good distance away if you don’t want to be embarrassed by it later.

After Tony Abbott’s win in 2013 I thought we were in for a generation of government under sensible adults. Yeah, well…

But this bold visionary moment from Steve Biddulph, following Kevin Rudd’s win in 2007, mitigates my foolish optimism considerably.

The Greens will emerge as the new opposition, though this will take probably two election cycles. By the 2010 election, 20 per cent will vote Green, simply because peak oil and climate catastrophe will have proven them right, and thinking people will see the need for austerity now for our children’s tomorrow. The Liberal Party will be lucky to attract 30 per cent, which is the habitual, rusted-on portion of the community that thinks greed is good.

The full text of Hubristic Steve’s Dream can be found here. After last Saturday, I expect it will soon vanish or be paywalled.


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