Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 19, 2019

And now, once again! It’s time to play “HE’s the NEW BATMAN?”

Robert Pattinson, come on down!

My gut response is Bad Choice. But Ben Affleck was a better Bat than I expected, so maybe Mr P will surprise me too.

I didn’t recognise Pattinson at first in The Lost City Of Z, and there was more to it than just the beard. He can act, I don’t question it. I question whether he has the physical presence for the role.

Anyway, let’s give the dark and brooding bat a rest for a while. How about we put Jonah Hill in Wayne Manor? And for his adversary – Lena Dunham!

Fatman and Fatwoman! Imagine the epic fight scenes as they battle for the last chocolate donut!

In this scenario, Robert Pattinson would be perfect as Alfred.

You’re going to need a larger Fatmobile, Master Bruce.



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