Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 19, 2019

A post-election miscellany.

“How could The Sacred Polls be in error?”
“Fool! The Sacred Polls are never in error. They only mislead us in order to punish us.”
“We have displeased The Sacred Polls? Quickly! We must sacrifice another virgin!”

As in the Presidential vote of 2016, the polls said one thing and the voters said something completely different.

There are explanations to be had about the changes in technology, but there is a much simpler explanation: the people responding to the polls have learnt to lie.

I haven’t had that pleasurable experience yet.  I’ve only been approached by pollsters two or three times, and as soon as they learnt I’m in the over-50 demographic they politely declined. ‘Thank you sir, but we have already filled our quota for that age group.’ Next time they call I’ll be a strapping young 32. That’ll fuck ’em.

In the meantime, Mrs Bill Shorten is not the only one asking this question.

The local situation mirrors the US in 2106 in more aspects than just poll errors.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said before the campaign began that voters who didn’t like Labor policy were “perfectly entitled to vote against us.” But that was back in January when the Morrison government seemed down and out. One of those lines that didn’t, as they say, age well. Especially in Queensland, where the swing against Labor was lethal. Unintended consequences struck again after a few busloads of urban Greens drove into the state to tell the locals they shouldn’t have a coal mine. That exercise in moral high-grounding cost the left dearly. Will they take the hint? Come on…

In the wake of Tony Abbott’s defeat, a story has emerged that says more again about the character of the man, and the loss Australia has suffered with his removal from parliament.

Channel 7’s Director of News Jason Morrison told of his personal experience with Abbott:

In 2005 terrorists struck again at Kuta in Bali in what would be called the second Bali bombing. Back then Tony Abbott was our Health Minister and on holidays over there with his then young family. I was sent there for 2GB and arrived the next day.

At the crude Bali hospital the day after the attack it was an horrific scene and I recall bumping into Tony Abbott in the corridor. He was wearing a blue hospital robe covered in people’s blood, it was all over his arms and hands. He was emotional and exhausted.

Tony had gone in to help out, trying to find victims missing in the blast. He had a list of names and was juggling two mobile phones which were ringing wildly. He’d been there for 24 hours as a volunteer to back up the over-run Foreign Affairs staff.

We in the media wanted an interview. He refused on the grounds that it was not the time and there was work to do.

I’d later heard that he and Margie, his wife, had handed out his personal number, and hers, to dozens of families to help them out. She acted as a liaison person. He did the horrific task of identifying badly hurt and dead victims. He’d pulled rank to get the highest level military response to get everyone home and keep Prime Minister Howard directly informed.

Some people might not like his politics but it’s hard to question the quality of the man.

Quality indeed. Mister Abbott, you will be missed.


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