Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 18, 2019

Election day conclusion: the news is mostly good.

Greetings from The Great South Land – which is still pretty great at 11 pm with the polls closed and the count well under way.

It appears our sort of centre-right Liberal Party has retained government and defeated our totally-tits-out-fucking-insane-left Labor Party.

Labor pulled a Hillary, believe it or not. They went into the campaign so sure they would win, and laid out their policies as if the voters had no alternative. Heaps more immigrants. Huge boost in foreign aid. Just in time, it seems, the people woke up to what was in store.

Unfortunately, the government did lose one great man. Tony Abbott, former Liberal leader, was targeted by extreme lefty activists. They got their candidate in. Much good it will do them, if the Liberal win is confirmed.

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