Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 15, 2019

The Hollywood Reaper is working overtime this week.

Doris Day, taken May 13.

I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin – American composer Oscar Levant. When Doris released her autobiography in the early 70s she let the world know she was tired of her virginal persona. As I recall she advised young women to live with their boyfriends for a while before marrying them. Nowadays, young women are advised to live with their husbands for a while before divorcing them.

Doris was a little before my time, but I remember well the comic genius of Tim Conway. Conway was finally beaten by illness on Tuesday, aged 85.

85? He was only in his forties when he was working with Carol Burnett? He always seemed much older to me.

Conway could crack up an audience and his fellow performers, and do it while keeping a straight face.

The strange thing about celebrity deceases is that they seem to happen in clusters. And news about one of the departed frequently overshadows the others. So it was only today when I dropped by at Strange Cousin Susan that I learnt about the death of Mod Squad babe Peggy Lipton – gone at 72.

Peggy Lipton! Boys wanted to date her, and girls wanted to be her.

The Mod Squad – Clarence Williams III on the left, Michael Cole on the right, and Peggy Lipton in between.

The Mod Squad combined the traditional police show with the rising of America’s disaffected youth. Justice won out, as you’d expect, but there was a focus too on these young undercover cops and their contemporaries, and the ever-present angst against which they struggled.

The show ran for several years, each episode opening with a wicked theme.

Who’s next on the list? And it’s only Wednesday…


  1. Great title: sad reality!

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