Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 24, 2019

America has Bernie Marcus. Australia has a feminist cafe. Guess which one is going down the gurgler?

I posted about the Handsome Her cafe back in 2017.

Espresso with a danish. Would you like an extended diatribe on the evils of the patriarchy with that?

Handsome Her was street-level commercial feminism. If you’re a man, you pay more.

Handsome Her gets the heave-ho in a few days. It is – inconceivable! – the soon to be deceased example of a seriously flawed business plan.

A vegan feminist cafe in Australia that imposed an 18 per cent “gender surcharge” on men and gave women priority seating has closed down.

To be honest, I didn’t think it would last six months, let alone a year and a half. Brunswick must have a sizeable male masochist community.

The Handsome Her cafe, which only opened a few years ago and was located in inner city Melbourne, described itself as “by women, for women”.

And whatever cucks felt the need to demonstrate their feminist cred.

At the time, the cafe’s management claimed the attention left them “jam-packed with customers showing their support”.

I could be wrong – I have been before, at least once – but I’m translating ‘customers’ here as ‘mums, sisters and nieces’.

Reviews of HH on Trip Advisor are mostly negative. But this one stands out.

I identify as a woman but they made me pay more because i ‘look like a man’. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Sexism against anyone is bad.

I thought us male chauvinist pigs had the monopoly on judging by appearances!


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