Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 10, 2019

Everything old is new again!

From that utterly reliable source The Beetoota Advocate:

Once thought to be almost definitely extinct, the Anglo-French given name of Graham was resurrected in a Townsville hospital overnight.

The name – which is historically believed to be a combination of possibly meaning “gravel”, and ham, meaning “hamlet” – has not been registered a new name by Australian Births Deaths And Marriages since 1962.

The Beetoota Advocate, like its US counterpart The Babylon Bee, covers the stories that the mainstream media avoids. The hard hitting stories of human anguish, despair, struggle and regular fuckwittery that break out like a rash every day across The Great South Land.

Woke Sydney Girl Only Protests Big Issues Like Not Having Anywhere To Do Pingers After 10PM

Inner City Leftie To Vote Liberal After Shorten Vows To Make Electric Cars Less Exclusive

“The beauty of a having the bottom of the range electric car set at 60,000 dollars is it allows people like myself the ability to brag about it at dinner parties, and keep firmly saddled in aboard our high horses.”

Telecommunication Customer Service Rep Pretends To Care About Local Woman’s Threats To Leave

You don’t really know Australia if you’re not reading The ‘Toot.

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