Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 17, 2019

Creepy director back from the naughty corner.

A mere seven months ago, Disney booted James Gunn from the director’s chair on Guardians Of The Galaxy 3. As Breitbart points out, Gunn’s firing was motivated by ‘social media posts he made about committing child rape and jokes about the Holocaust, Mexicans, and AIDS‘.

At the time Disney chairman Alan Horn said that Gunn’s tweets were ‘indefensible’. But Gunn is out of Hollywood Jail and back on the streets, ready to walk back into his old job.

What are Roseanne’s chances of getting that deal?

Disney may feel that Gunn – and the studio itself – have served adequate penance. Moviegoers may not be so lenient.

Oh, well… there had to be someone in the world who was creepier than Joe Biden. Not surprising that we found him in Hollywood.

Children! WHEEEEE!!!

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