Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 2, 2019

The Council Of The Butthurt will come to order!

Cry WAAAAAAAHMBULANCE and let slip the injured feelings!

From Bloomberg via Breitbart:

The House Judiciary Committee, which is currently led by Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), will seek to investigate Trump calling the media “fake news” and “enemies of the people”…

The president’s repeated declarations that the “fake news” media is the “enemy of the people” has indeed upset many Democrats and media figures.

If those media figures understood the value of taking a breath and saying ‘Let’s get more information’ before going nuts, they might retain a shred more credibility than a three dollar bill.

Kavanaugh? Covington? Smollett?

When will the lesson stick, mediots?

Will it go down better with music?

Creating a little scenario here…

The place: Washington. The time: any day between now and election day 2020.

Jim Acosta has been called to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

Committee Chairman Nadler, hands a short distance apart: Did the President hurt your feelings this much, Jim?

Acosta: More than that!

N, hands further apart: THIS much?

A: Still more!

N spreads arms right out: THIS MUCH?


Collapses sobbing as committee members launch into prolonged harrumphing session.

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