Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 12, 2019

Perth’s notorious madam of the dine and dash won’t have to run from the bill for a while.

As the Phantom comic strips used to say: For those who came in late…

The couple shamed by a Swan Valley restaurant for an alleged dine-and-dash could be behind a spree of similar thefts costing businesses thousands of dollars.

Lois Loder, the female half of the financially challenged duo, won’t be running from the table for a while at least.

Infamous dine and dasher Lois Loder has been jailed for two years for ripping off restaurants, bars, hairdressers, liquor stores and hotels across the city during a brazen crime spree.

…Loder racked up unpaid bills at businesses across the city, including hotel Quest West Perth, Ocean View Motel, 3 Sheets Restaurant and The Royal on the Waterfront.

Locomotive Luncher Lois wasn’t above the odd spot of blackmail, either.

Perth is one thief lighter today. That can’t be bad.


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