Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 23, 2018

Where are the Gemonian Stairs when you need them?

Death on the stairs was considered extremely dishonourable and dreadful, yet several senators and even an emperor met their demise here.

Vitellius was a Roman general who became the third emperor in the so called Year of the Four Emperors in 69CE… When his armies were defeated by those of Vespasian he agreed to surrender but the Praetorian Guard refused to let him leave the city. On the entrance of Vespasian’s troops into Rome Vitellius was dragged out of his hiding-place, driven to the Gemonian stairs and struck down.

Australia may be in the last days of Malcolm Turnbull as Chief Waffler – sorry, Prime Minister.

From this

to this.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton launched an unsuccessful challenge earlier in the week, but the numbers were hardly in Turnbull’s favour. 48 to 35.
This morning three senior ministers withdrew their support for the Waffler. Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was among them, and if Cormann has left the dark side it’s just time on for Malcolm from here.
Dutton has shown some spine as Immigration Minister. And he’s gained a small degree of international attention thanks to a certain meme.

If Dutton took the wheel it would bring a lot of people back to the government. No surprise that all of a sudden questions are being asked about eligibility to sit in parliament. GetUp – the local edition of MoveOn – and the Greens despise him.

And the Chinese media are getting in on the act, describing Dutton as a ‘semi-Trump’. There’s a large percentage of citizens here who would prefer half a Trump to no Trump at all. Turnbull, if anything, is an anti-Trump. He’s Teresa May with an Antipodean accent; Angela Merkel with a slightly more flattering profile. Trump himself has no illusions about Lord Malcolm.

Events are moving quickly in Canberra today. Treasurer Scott Morrison and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have added their names to the list of challengers. Larry and Curly to Turnbull’s Moe, it’s difficult to see this development as anything other than an attempt to spoil Dutton’s run.

But there are moments of comedy amid the drama. Opposition leader Bill Shorten said to the media that the Liberals look like ‘a family headed for divorce’. Not the wisest choice of metaphor there, Bill. 2009 isn’t all that long ago…

LEADING Labor MP Bill Shorten has confirmed he’s expecting a child with girlfriend Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the Governor-General, as both battle messy divorces with their previous partners.

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