Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 20, 2018

They went full Westworld. You never go full Westworld.

Love robots have been invented with the intelligence to go on strike – and shut down completely if pestered when not in the mood.

Sexbot Samantha’s ability to say “no” was demonstrated to an audience of stunned academics at one of the UK’s leading science villages…

Samantha is built to please with motorised hands, hips and other body parts and a face which bears a sneaking resemblance to Jennifer Lopez…. Her sensors are also designed to detect when touching becomes too aggressive or disrespectful which will also result in her turning into a lump of plastic.

Call her a ‘lump of plastic’ to her face, though, and watch out. Samantha goes into Delores mode.

I wonder how Samantha’s programming responds when you let one rip between the sheets.

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