Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 4, 2018

A win for freedom of speech in The Great South Land.

In April of 2017 Piers Akerman, Sydney columnist for The Daily Telegraph, wrote an article titled Which genius gave this Islam idiot a soapbox?
Follow the link and you’ll find the article. It’s still out for public viewing.
The young hijab-wearing Sudanese-Egyptian-Australian Muslim is a non-entity ­despite her relentless self-promotion and would not have come to notice had it not been for the oafs within the Australian government who are ­determined to push the failed concept of multiculturalism despite the overwhelming weight of empirical evidence which shows that all cultures are not equal and that the ­fanatical adherents of Islam, some of whom Abdel-Magied has sought advice from, do not support Australia or Australian values.
The subject of the article was Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Until recently her best known idiocy was the assertion that Islam is the most feminist religion. She’s also gained notice over a sneering tweet on ANZAC Day last year (she delivered more of the same this year, despite claiming to be sorry.) But just a few weeks ago YAM created drama on the other side of the Pacific, when she was denied entry to the United States for a speaking engagement.
Wrong visa.
From Don Surber:
According to the US Department of State, activities allowed under the B1/B2 visitor visa category include consulting with business associates, attending a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference or holidaying — however paid performances are not allowed.
Honest mistake? Maybe. But it’s not unreasonable to assess the publicity value of not being allowed to enter the US as something higher than an address to the PEN World Voices Festival.
At the top of Akerman’s story you’ll find a link the website of the Australian Press Council. Ms Abdel-Magied, you see, lodged a complaint against Akerman and his paper over the ‘Islam idiot’ article.
The Council today rejected the complaint.
I don’t know if Yassmin’s surprised, but given the general run of the APC I certainly am.

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