Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 26, 2018

Fire in the hills – but which hills?


No, Albany, on Western Australia’s southern coast. About 200 miles from where I’m sitting, emergency services are fighting bushfires.

Perth, meanwhile, is getting the crap beaten out of it in the first bad storm of the year.

Mother Nature’s showing off her split personality again.

Images via PerthNow.


  1. Holy moly. How long will those storms last? It’s a beautiful photo – they both are, in their own horrible ways. The top one reminds me of our fires last fall and the bottom picture? Did I tell you I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago and on a plane waiting to take off in a storm like this? Needless to say, the flight was canceled and a shit-ton of people were stranded at O’Hare Airport overnight. My back is still not quite right after that entire trip.

    • This storm is expected to dwindle down to showers over the next few days, leaving Wednesday clear – but then retuning Thursday, Friday and who knows after that? Next weekend is a long weekend here. If the weather doesn’t improve there’s going to be a lot of PO’d citizens.
      You didn’t tell me about that plane business. I hope your back is back in shape (sorry, couldn’t resist) very soon.

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