Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 23, 2018

Confucius say, 他媽的 是什麼?

(That’s a very approximate translation)

The fun police strike again:

Chinese authorities are cracking down on the practice of hiring strippers as funeral entertainment, a technique some rural families use to increase the turnout at a loved one’s final farewell…

It has urged witnesses to call a special hotline to report any performances, with rewards on offer for informants, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper.

Not what you’d expect in the land of Lao Tzu. Although, as KG pointed out at Crusader Rabbit, Li Po would have approved.

Wine-maker there by Yellow Fountains,
‘Eternal Spring’ that’s still your vintage.
Without Li Po on Night’s Terrace
Who can there be to bring you custom?

– Lament For Mr Tai .




  1. “(That’s a very approximate translation)”
    Where IS the translation? and what has it to do with the story?
    It could mean “who is your mother”? However “他媽的” means something like “…your mother”

    • The original phrase was ‘What the fuck?’ which came back as ‘What damn is?’ in one back-translation and ‘What the hell is that?’ in another.

  2. ok, but then there should be a coma or spacing after “他媽的”, that is the Mandarin 4-letter-word. “是什麼?” literally means: “is what?”

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