Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 2, 2018

And the earth did yield up its dead, and they did walk gibbering in the streets of the city.

But by all accounts Nancy and friends safely found their way home after the SOTU. So let’s move on to the superbloodyfullbluemoon eclipse, of which Perth had a fantastic clear skies view.

It was quite a show, and in a different time and place it would undoubtedly have inspired a human sacrifice or two.
The eclipse began at 7:45pm, but by 8 there was already a noticeable porton of the Moon obscured. At that early stage the shadow seemed to blot out the Moon entirely; as it reached further, the Moon was still visisble, but bathed in a 70s era burnt orange glow.
Around ten the shadow’s trailing edge appeared, and when I checked a about three am she was all back and brighter than ever.

This photo by Carole Sensier, from this gallery, shows Lady Luna at the height of the eclipse.


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