Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 16, 2018

International Rescue couldn’t have done it better.

More tales from Perth’s weekend of mad weather.

The grand total of rain on Monday was close to 100mm. (About four inches in the alternative currency.) It sputtered and burped a few times before it properly got started, but once it did the rain just didn’t stop. The wind was quite strong too, which always makes life interesting for air travellers in this part of the world.

Flights were delayed as pilots were forced to circle above Perth Airport, with pilots having to abort landing attempts as winds of up to 72km/h lashed the runways.
Airservices Australia was warning passengers due to land in Perth to expect turbulence.

Hiker Everard Curchin had a gut-churning experience all his own in the midst of the fires on Sunday.

“I could actually see the fire come over the ridge and trees, just one after another,” the 67-year-old said.

At which point he fell to his knees babbling like a child and screaming the name of every god ever worshipped by humainity since the dawn of time. That’s what I would have done, anyhow. I can’t see how any sensible person would do anything different.

And talk about a deus ex machina! In this case, an energency services helicopter.

Luckily help came from above with the 67-year-old lifted to safety.

Just five minutes after he was rescued, the hut he was sheltering in was consumed in the blaze.

Cue that theme!

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